PROSPECTS // feature documentary
Shot over five seasons, two teenage boys stake their lives on a career in the ring to escape the streets. Together with a small team, they set out to become England’s top boxing prospects. But when they lose the favour of the powerful Amateur Boxing Association of England, they are forced to take the hard way to the top and risk becoming journeymen – boxers paid to take a beating in the ring. With unprecedented access to the ABAE, Duthy takes his camera out on the long hard road to glory – the squalid sweat-inducing gyms, the crooks and hustlers, the family left behind. Prepared to risk serious physical injury, this is a heartwarming and, at times heartbreaking, battle for survival.

DES LONDON FILMS is a small independent production company based in London, UK. “PROSPECTS” is the first feature length documentary produced by DES LONDON FILMS.

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