PROSPECTS film featuring George Kean And Marlon Mellish
“I have seen so many camera crews at amateur boxing recently. All ‘making films’. Well, give up because Prospects has done it.” Steve Bunce, presenter Bunce’s Boxing Hour – BBC Radio London and BoxNation
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Guy Richie, the director that put London’s East End on the cinema map with his meticulously crafted ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ (1998) awakened a magnitude of cockney violence that was unparalleled to Hollywood’s beautifully choreographed fight sequences. However, little understanding of this cockney violence and its roots has ever been explored, until now that is. Debutant director Sebastian Duthy takes us on a journey from the heart of London’s East End with his thought-provoking, evocative and gritty documentary Prospects… Duthy’s mode of filmmaking is excellent and so well rounded, it delivers a 12 round knockout; even if it derails at points, it returns to deliver some blowout punches and deserves all the recognition it gets.
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 ‘Following two young would-be Ricky Hattons, George Kean and Marlon Mellish, over four tempestuous sporting seasons, Duthy creates a compelling portrait of the amateur boxing scene, with a sense of real stakes at play for the two young boxing novices….it does pass the first test, that of being interesting to someone without any interest in the subject matter, especially important in a sports film.’
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 ‘Boxing in all its excitement, unpredictability and obvious risks is explored expressively in this well produced documentary.’
‘The slow-slow-fast actions of the fights are well highlighted, while paranoid music with a distinctly dubstep influence blasts out across the ring.’
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“It’s a great watch. Shows you just what it was like to be a boxer.”
James DeGale, Olympic Gold Medallist and WBC Silver Super Middleweight Champion
“It’s a great watch. Shows you just what it was like to be a boxer.” // says James DeGale, Olympic Gold Medallist

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